Time Attendance

Finger Attendance System

biometric revolution has been a great contribution in modern science. Fingerprint attendance machine is also a part of this revolution. A fingerprint attendance machine analyzes several fingerprint patterns for matching purpose. These patterns include arc pattern, loop pattern and whorl pattern.

Finger punching attendance machine has an electronic device which is called sensor and is used to capture digital reflection of fingerprint prototype and the captured reflection is called live scan. Finger punching attendance machine has various fingerprint sensors. Few of them are optical, ultrasonic, capacitance, passive capacitance etc. Finger punching attendance machine works in two different ways- first it captures the image of the fingers through the sensors and second it matches the image with previously enrolled fingerprint templates. Several software applications are available in the market for finger punching attendance machine.


Face Detection Attendance System

Face recognition time attendance system iFace is unique face recognition access control system from Bienable Technology leader in the time attendance and access control system.This Face & Fingerprint Time Attendance System iFace latest in the series for face recognition device .

This advanced face recognition attendance biometric system enrolls the unique and permanent facial fine points of employees and records them in the database as stencils. Once the enrollment process is complete, you just need to look at the camera to verify your identity and the face recognition attendance system automatically marks your attendance on your behalf.